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Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Reliance

by M. L. Tyndall

I dasn't be havin' th' aft co'er copy o' this here log.

Pammer here: I like th' first book. This, book two o' th' Legacy o' th' King`s Pirates, be e'en better! Th' characters be havin' grown an' changed. In this here log they be faced wi' e'en bigger obstacles such as a presumed Davy Jones' locker an' losin' touch wi' God an' His will.
I jus' be havin' t' remark on how real th' characters be. I love these characters. (I be really tryin' nay t' give anythin' away here.) This here log at one point had me cryin' so bad I couldna be seein' th' page anymore. An' sea dogs an' land lubbers in me house has picked 't up an' started readin' 't. Me husband caught me readin' 't an' asked me if I`d gotten t' a certain part. I spake Nay. He smiled an' nodded an' spake, "Ye`re gonna love 't." Me husband`s matey asked me exactly what an ARC be. He confessed that he`d been readin' 't too. So know that th' story goes o'er pretty good wi' men too.
I love well written novels that happen on ships an' this one fits th' bill. Good job. Waitin' fer Book Three.


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