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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Amazing Susan Meissner

Widows & Orphans

When attorney Rachael Flynn's mother calls her with the news that her ministry-minded brother has been arrested, Rachael at first takes it in stride.

After all, Josh has been arrested before for blocking entry to abortion clinics, resisting arrest, obstructing the legal process, interfering with police procedure, trespassing, breaking and entering, loitering, making false statements to the police.

But this time the charge is murder, and Joshua has confessed to the crime. Rachael, certain that her brother can't be guilty, begs him to let her represent him. . .but Joshua refuses her offer of counsel.

As Rachael works the case on her own, she begins to suspect that Josh knows who the real killer is, but she's unable to get him to cooperate with his defense.

Why won't he talk to her? What is Josh hiding?

When Rachael asks her husband Trace, and his fellow artists to sketch the scene of the crime as they see it, a new piece of the puzzle become apparent. . .a piece that ultimately leads to the truth that has eluded the police. . .and Rachael.


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