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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Continued. . .

Lawyer Rachael Flynn has only been at her new job in the Ramsey County attorney's office for four months when she recieves an unsigned letter with the startling message.
Two days later the predicted body is found, but to everyone's astonishment, the remains have been buried for at least 20 years. When the body is identified as that of a 15-year-old boy, the police begin to dig for clues. Rachael continues to receive anonymous notes. . .adn the questions keep coming. . .
Was it really and accident or was it murder? Why has it taken so many years for this story to come to light? And why did the young man "deserve" to die?
As Rachael searches out the identity of the writer, she finds herself drawn to the neighborhood where the body was found--and to an abandoned house that no longer exists, but seems to call out to her nonetheless. . .

Pammer here: These two book are what I hope are only the beginning of the Rachael Flynn mysteries. Wonderful!!! Susan has the most wonderful way of telling story that draws you in from page one. You forget you are reading even.
As always the plot is spectacular, spine-tingling action and adventure and the characters are so likeable, so real.
I definately recommend these two great reads, or any of Susan's books to date. You will not be disappointed by her work.
Keep rolling them out. :) (I just have to add on a personal note, since I've met Susan Meissner, I have to admit she is just as delightful in person as she her writing is.)

The Amazing Susan Meissner

Widows & Orphans

When attorney Rachael Flynn's mother calls her with the news that her ministry-minded brother has been arrested, Rachael at first takes it in stride.

After all, Josh has been arrested before for blocking entry to abortion clinics, resisting arrest, obstructing the legal process, interfering with police procedure, trespassing, breaking and entering, loitering, making false statements to the police.

But this time the charge is murder, and Joshua has confessed to the crime. Rachael, certain that her brother can't be guilty, begs him to let her represent him. . .but Joshua refuses her offer of counsel.

As Rachael works the case on her own, she begins to suspect that Josh knows who the real killer is, but she's unable to get him to cooperate with his defense.

Why won't he talk to her? What is Josh hiding?

When Rachael asks her husband Trace, and his fellow artists to sketch the scene of the crime as they see it, a new piece of the puzzle become apparent. . .a piece that ultimately leads to the truth that has eluded the police. . .and Rachael.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

So Dark the Night

by Margaret Daley

A lonely cabin. Deadly secrets. Danger in the woods.
On a tragic night, photographer Emma St. James lost not only her vision, but her memory. The police believed She'd witnessed her beloved brother's murder, but her mind refused to remember. She was lost and alone, until a stranger reached out with a touch she couldn't see.

Rev. Colin Fitzpatrick would never forget the moment he saw Emma's lovely face just seconds before she ran out in front of his car. She'd been fleeing something--or someone--but she was his responsibility now. But with the killers desperate to find Emma, it would take divine intervention to keep them both alive.

Pammer here: LOVED this book. LOVED. I couldn't stay away from it. I started it on a Saturday (thankfully else I might have had to take off work, LOL) and finished it in the afternoon. I barely did anything but read that book.
The suspense is spine tingling and the story is perfectly woven with the thread of faith. It brings to mind things you would never think of, until you imagine losing your own sight.
I recommend this book to everyone.