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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lanterns and Lace

by Diann Mills

Suspense and Romance tangle in Texas
Moments before she dies giving birth, a tormented resident of the Kahlerville brothel persuades the doctor to adopt her infant daughter.

Two years later, Jessica Martin's younger sister, Jenny, arrives in Kahlerville determined to gain custody of her neice. But as soon as Jenny steps off the train, her best-laid plans begin to go awry. From her encounter with the mysterious Aubrey Turner to her humiliation in front of the seemingly dedicated physician Dr. Grant Andrews, unforseen events cause Jenny to falter in her purpose.

Should she leave Kahlerville before she ruins more lives than her own? The secretive Mr. Turner will stop at nothing to get what he's after--including Jenny's affections--while Dr. Andrews fears for Jenny and his daughter's safety.

What twisted plots and unexpected evils await the residents of Kahlerville, Texas? How many lives will be lost in the chaos?

Pammer here: I really liked this book. If possible it's even better than the first one in the series. I adore the characters (warning: prepare to fall in love with the most adorable two-year old you can imagine) and the place. The setting comes alive under the skillful touch of Ms. Mills. I wanted to shake Jenny, but at the same time I wanted to take her in and love her. And the Dr.? Well, he's an awesome hero, although there were times I wanted to shake some of his logic lose. :)
If you read the first one, you need to read this one. If you haven't read the first one, that's okay, you will still love this one. Then you'll want to go get the first one.

I look forward to the next installment of the characters of Kahlerville--and boy are some of them characters, too.


At 4:18 AM, January 06, 2007, Blogger Camy Tang said...

Thanks for the review, Pammer! Looks like a good read!


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