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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wishing on Dandelions

by Mary DeMuth

God says "I love you" in many ways, some of which are hard to hear.

Maranatha needs to hear God's voice. At seventeen, Natha admittedly has some trust issues. Though the abuse by the neighbor boys has stopped, Natha is anything but healed. Now her best friend has left for college, the trials of dating have begun, and God, ever since he spoke to her underneath the pecan tree years ago, has remained elusive. So when brash Georgeanne Peach blows in to take over the only place that's ever felt like home, leaving a trail of peach fabric swatches and cloying perfume, it's easy to understand how something like a little ol' tornado might not be a big deal.

Like every teenager, Natha tries to sort out the confusing layers of love of friends, of family, of suitors, and desperately of God. Natha struggles to find herself before the darkness of the past pulls her back into the shadows of a girl she used to be in this moving follow up to the critically praised Watching The Tree Limbs.

Pammer here: I thought I was opening a book to read, but no sooner was the first word read than I found myself in hot, dusty Burl, Texas. Mary is an exceptional storyteller. The characters are multi-dimensional and very real. The story is unique and intriguing and God's message of love is woven into the very fabric. You just can't put the book down until you've read it all. Beautfully written trials that this incredible young lady goes through keep you turning pages. And the very last pages left me with tears in my eyes. My mind returns to the character frequently.

If you read Watching the Tree Limbs, then this is required reading. If you didn't read Watching the Tree Limbs, then both of these should be on your MUST read list.


At 7:54 PM, November 16, 2006, Blogger Camy Tang said...

I'm looking forward to reading this!


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