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Friday, November 24, 2006

Emma Jean Reborn

By Kathi Macias and Dr. Cupid R. Poe

ISBN: 1-4208-4816-x

Publisher: Authorhouse


Emma Jean Reborn is a heart felt story about a woman's journey of healing from a past of abuse which caused her to make unsound decisions in her adult years regarding people she let into her life. Emma Jean didn't learn how to set proper boundaries, and until Christian friends came into her life, Emma Jean had a skewed image of normal. Though I didn't quite buy that both sisters (first one died) were named Emma Jean, this book was deeply touching. Emma Jean is a character who will stand out in my mind.

I also loved the sensory description in this book. It wasn't too much or too little. The authors made me feel like I was in scene, even to the bubble bath bubbles under my chin. They mastered so much with so little. The book brought out a lot of emotion in me because of the nature of Emma Jean's past which formed her doormat personality. One character (Joe) in particular really irked me because of how he treated Emma--preying on her niavety. This tells me he was a well-written antagonist.

Living in an area where racial discrimination has a fluent history, this book should be stocked in every library around here. The authors touch on that topic with tact and truth. I loved the characters in the African-American church who took Emma in and loved her, I love how the authors executed that. I also liked the character of Sadie Garret and how she befriended Emma. Very poignant moments and touching.

This story was gritty as far as content but the authors maneuvered those scenes without disturbing imagery, yet the reader knew what was happening, especially the intimate times between Joe and Emma.

This is one of those books that makes me think for awhile after reading it, because I know there are people out there who've suffered some of the type of abuse Emma Jean did. I only hope for those people that, as Emma Jean did, they will let God in and heal them so their futures will be better than their past instead of history repeating itself over and over in their lives.

Overall touching read.



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