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Friday, October 06, 2006

BY HER SIDE by Kathryn Springer

Publisher: Steeple Hill --Love Inspired Line
ISBN: 13:978-0-373-8736-9
10: 0-373-8736-7

From back cover:

The Davis Landing Observer Page 5
The Gossip Guru
…is back with more news. Seems intrepid reporter Felicity Simmons, at rival newspaper The Davis Landing Dispatch, is being threatened by someone who is not happy with her articles. Your faithful source hears that police officer Chris Hamilton, the only family member not working for Hamilton Media, is protecting her. Independent Ms. Simmons will bristle at being guarded, but she doesn't know how stubborn Chris can be -- or how determined he is to be by her side until her stalker is caught….

Cheryl Here:

By Her Side is book two in Steeple Hill's Davis Landing miniseries and released in August of this year...yeah, yeah I'm just now getting around to reading it! LOL!

Here's the rest of the Davis Landing series:

Book one: Butterfly Summer by Arlene James (LI#356, release date 7/06)

Book three: The Family Man by IreneHannon(LI#364, release date 8/06)
Book four: The Hamilton Heir (LI#368, release date 10/06)
Book five: Prodigal Daughter by Patricia Davids (LI#372, release date 11/06)
Book six: Christmas Homecoming by Lenora Worth (LI#376, release date 12/06)

About By Her Side:

This author really amazed me at how well she executed the romantic progression of the hero and heroine. Though the story timeline wasn't that long, it seemed there was a natural progression of Chris Hamilton (hero) and Felicity Simmons (heroine).

For those of you out there who are writers this would be a great book to study as far as the relationship arc. For those of you who are readers, I think you'll enjoy the journey of these characters. Kathryn uses some really cool prose...and unusual metaphors and word pictures yet the story didn't read to heavy on description or adverbs. I found myself instantly rooting for the hero especially. Felicity worked her way into my heart by chapter two and I liked her internal struggle though I would have liked to have had a clearer glimpse of it sooner.

I think my favorite part of this story was just how naturally the hero and heroine fell in love...felt like I was reading about real people and nothing felt contrived in the story. It also had me itching to read the rest of them in how the author dropped subtle hints of the upcoming characters in the book...who are the siblings of the hero in this book.

I enjoyed the setting of this book, and felt like I was IN that newsroom. Overall great read that left me smiling, as well as wondering how Kathryn weaves a seemless romance with one of the most natural progressions I've ever read in a category romance.

Look for the book on eHarlequin since you may not be able to pick it up in bookstores.




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