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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Reluctant Burglar

by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Art stole her heart...Now can she return the favor?

If Desiree Jacobs knows anything, it's art. Her father, whose security company is internationally renowned, taught her everything he knew. Most of all, he taught her about honor. Integrity. Faith. So surely God will forgive her for despising the one man determined to destroy her father's good name?

Special Agent Tony Lucano knows Hiram Jacobs is an art thief. But what he can't figure out is Desiree. Is she an innocent victim...or a clever accomplice?

Then Hiram is murdered. and along with his company, he leaves Desiree a hidden container full of stolen paintings. But she can't admit her father was a thief! That would destroy their business, put people out of jobs, and embarrass international museums that have been displaying clever forgeries. No, she must find out why her honest father would turn criminal. And she must return the priceless art to the rightful owners without their knowledge. Even if it means facing down a ring of cutthroat art thieves...or accepting help from the man she most distrusts.

Pammer here: I have one question. Where have they been hiding this woman?! She's awesome. This book sticks a Dirty Harry gun to your head and pulls you along captive, the voice and story smooth and thrilling. Then you hang on for the ride.

I LOVED Desiree from page one. Jill hooked me with an opening that I couldn't resist. From then on, I was a goner. The tale is gripping and intense, but the characters immediately worm their way into your heart. Her writing is clean and creative. There is a bit of humor, such as one finds with everyday life. Her storytelling skill is topnotch.

My words cannot do this book justice, you just have to go read it. As for me? This book goes on my TBRA pile. (To Be Read Again) And folks, that is not a big pile.

The second book in the To Catch a Thief series will be coming out when? :)


At 11:28 AM, September 09, 2006, Blogger Heather Diane Tipton said...

I want this book!


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