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Friday, September 15, 2006


A Hickory Ridge Christmas by Dana Corbit
Steeple Hill books
ISBN 13:978-0-373-87406-4
1-: 0-373-87406-5

November 2006 release

From back cover:


A minister's daughter and unwed teen mother: five years ago Hannah Woods had been the talk of Hickory Ridge. Her little girl was the light of her life, though Hannah was unable to forgive the one who'd loved her--and then left.

Todd McBride had left town a boy and returned a man with a quest: to find the woman he still adored and ask for a second chance. But Hannah's secret---a child he'd never known about...threw his plans into a tailspin.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, it seemed the time for love and forgiveness was at hand...

Cheryl here:

This story will be one that I recommend to all my writer friends who wonder how they can approach delicate issues in fiction. My very first story (which bombed big time with rejections) was nearly this same plotline....only now I know how it's done right. Dana did a phenominal job of endearing me to Hannah, and I didn't think twice about her being a mother out of wedlock. Though the act happened prior to the beginning of this story, when the author has to refer to it since that's how the heroine's daughter was conceived, it is done tastefully and tactfully. I felt palpable tension the way this author executed this story. The reader knows before the hero does that he has fathered a child, but the fact that the child is several years old, doesn't lessen the heroine's likability. Dana does a great job of showing the inner turmoil and guilt of keeping secrets. My gut seriously clenched for Hannah as Todd came into the church and then showed up at her home....still not knowing he'd fathered a child with Hannah years before he left town.

I chewed my fingernails through the unveiling of that....masterful!

I felt in angst for both of them and the little girl. Definitely these characters seemed real. Everything in the plot seemed believable, and I wish more churches would respond to the mistakes of their youth in the manner the church in this story did. Really inspiring read.

I really felt "in" the story too. For any writers out there, this story would be an excellent study into how to delve into deep POV (point of view) while keeping a seemless sequence of scenes going. Emotion was believable and compelling. Very realistic read, yet a breath of a fresh-air-escape at the same time.


Those of you who enjoy this story will also enjoy Dana's other books in the Hickory Ridge series....which can probably be found at Amazon, etc.

I very much recommend this book....perfect for the season.



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