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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


by Marilynn Griffith

Raya Joseph wants to break free from the beige world around her and celebrate the color of the city. With a sassy pink style and a radical change of hair, she's off to conquer the design world. But it doesn't take long for Raya to meet her match--in style and flair. Flex Dunham, a personal trainer and one of Raya's clients, has got it going on.
As much as Raya would like to pursue a relationship with Flex, she has other matters on her mind--and on her heart. then a blast from the past comes back to haunt her, and Raya can't help but wonder if she made the right decision in keeping her past a secret. Flex seems to be hiding something too. But what?
Woven with humor, heartache, and hip friendships, Raya's new life has a lot of colorful threads. But will the end result be a beautiful design? Or will it fall apart at the seams? Join Raya andher friends Lily Chau, Jean Guerra, and Chenille Rizzo as they untangle the threads in the Shades of Style series.

Pammer here:
Maryilyn is a wonderful storyteller. She touches on issues that face today's women and shares Christians truths without shoving them down your throat. In that way I feel her stories are timeless.
You'll need a few things to read Pink. First you'll need a quiet place because you won't want to be interupted, but also people tend to look at you funny when you hoot with laughter while gazing in a book. :0)
You'll need tissues because you'll cry. The characters are so well rounded and real that you'll feel their pain.
You'll need a fan because her hero is hot. He'll make you melt into a puddle. I'm happy to say he is also real and makes mistakes like the rest of us, but he's just so lovable.

A definate must read!


At 9:24 PM, May 17, 2006, Blogger Heather Diane Tipton said...

I loved this book! Mary totally rocks!!!


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