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Friday, May 12, 2006


HIS UPTOWN GIRL By Gail Sattler, from her Men of Praise series.
Publisher: Steeple Hill, Love Inspired line.
ISBN: 0-373-87319-0
Copyright 2005

From the back cover:
With long blond hair and painted red nails, beautiful Georgette Ecklington didn't look like a mechanic. But the latest hire at Bob's and Bart's Auto Repair could recognize a faulty coil in no time and fix it just as fast. Only problem was that Bob Delanio was attracted to his new employee. Luckily, he knew business and pleasure didn't mix. Besides, after meeting her weathy and controlling father, Bob realized he and Georgette came from opposite worlds. It was up to Georgette to she her handsome boss that a downtown man should take a risk on an uptown girl.


One word to describe this book would be, "FUN!" I liked the set up, and how much time the hero and heroine spent together. Their relationship was a natural progression. I was anxious to find out who the heroine had lost and I love the twists. I didn't see most of them coming, and I'm usually great at figuring that sort of thing out. I LOVE the cover of this book, don't you? This plot idea sort of reminded me of the song, Uptown Girl, even had a mechanic in it, but the story was different than the song. But for some reason that song kept playing in my mind during the story. LOL! I can't remember who sang that. Can you guys? I can picture him. He was married to a model who he had children with. My mind is saying Billy Joel. Maybe that's it. Anyone know? Anyway, I loved that the heroine is a mechanic, as my father tought me mechanics growing up, and other than not being a rich heiress, this heroine reminded me of me. I'm vertically challenged like her and know more about car engines than cooking. Sigh. Our cars run well, but dinner sucks. LOL! Anyway, this was a really, really fun story, and I think the secondaries are getting their own stories too. YAY! I love revisiting characters. This church reminds me of our church, and the worship part, I'll bet is dear to Gail's heart because I've heard this author play....and she can jam! I love how the heroine stood up to her father and snooty Tyler. Fun read! It came out in July of 2005 so yo might have a hard time finding a copy. Try going to Gail's website, www.gailsattler.com. She might have more, or email me and I might consider giving up my copy. Amazon may have them too. On second thought, maybe I should keep my copy....the hero teaches the heroine how to cook several dishes, and I might try the recipes. Gail had my mouth watering!

Cheryl Wyatt


At 7:54 AM, May 13, 2006, Blogger Pammer said...

LOL! Great review. The singer is Billy Joel and he married Christy Brinkley (in fact, I think she was in this video with him, but I could be wrong, it was a VERY long time ago, lol). I always start humming that song when I see this book. :D However, I hadn't seen it in a while because my hubby asked to read one of her books before he met her and jammed with her. :D He never gave it back.


At 8:29 AM, May 13, 2006, Blogger Heather Diane Tipton said...

great review!!

At 3:15 PM, May 13, 2006, Blogger Camy Tang said...

LOL I remember that song. It's catchy. I'm going to put up the back blurb if I can find it somewhere.


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