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Friday, April 21, 2006


Review by Cheryl Wyatt of An Unexpected Blessing by Merrillee Whren
Steeple Hill Books-Love Inspired
ISBN 0-373-81266-3

I absolutely loved Chase's interaction with the baby.
Merrilee's writing is fresh. Some emotional parts of this book gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. It wasn't that it was sad, just very touching. I can't tell too much or I'll spoil what happens in the book for you. Dori's feisty yet compassionate. You can feel her internal struggle and her strong will where the baby is concerned. Oh and the baby...this story made me want to have another one. LOL! It caused me to pause and remember back to when mine were little like that. I am very, very picky when it comes to Marriage of Convenience stories, especially contemporary ones. So what do I say about this one? BRAVO MERRILLEE!!!!! She made it very conceivable and believable. And something that happened on Pg 88 happened to me once when I worked in a hospital nursery in the OB department. We'd just brought a baby in from having been born by cesarean. I lay the infant on the scale with about 100 people smooshing their noses on the window...and guess what happened?

Get Merrillee's book and find out. LOLOL! Okay, cheap shot. Let's just say the baby was a little boy, and he must have believed in the sprinkling form of baptism....right in my ear...which is why I laughed out loud at page 88 and several other parts in this book where Merrillee captured the everything that is the essence of life with an infant. That wasn't the best part of the book though. The development of the romance between Chase and Dori is poignant and sweet, and funny, and left me remembering the days of falling in love with my husband. A true goose bump read.


At 3:58 PM, April 21, 2006, Blogger Judy Grivas said...

This sounds like a great read! Please put me in for the contest to win it.
Judy Grivas

At 4:45 PM, April 21, 2006, Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

Sounds like a good book!

At 8:22 PM, April 21, 2006, Blogger Lee Franklin said...

I love this type of book, please add me as well!

At 1:43 PM, April 22, 2006, Blogger Pammer said...

I just bought the book, so don't add me to the drawing, but I really can't wait to read it. Merrilee is a wonderful author and a great person. I remember "glowing" together in Nashville one morning in the gym on the treadmills.

Great review, Squirl.


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