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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Heather's Sarcastic Saturday

Okay, I know the whole point of Heather’s Sarcastic Saturday was so that I could get out of doing reviews… but I just couldn’t resist interviewing Colleen Coble about her new book, Alaska Twilight. Besides, it’s my blog, I’ll do what I want. LOL

See, just to prove I hate doing reviews… Robin Miller wrote this short review of Colleen’s latest book. (Yay, I still don’t have to write a review! Gotta love that!)

ALASKA TWILIGHT by Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble's greatest romantic suspense yet! Set in the Alaska bush, amid bear country, readers can fall in love with heroine Haley, a photographer who must face the fears and torments of her past, and the hunky hero, Tank, a bear biologist who must uncover the secrets of his wife's death. Watching these two fall in love amid unraveling the mysteries surrounding the secrets of their pasts was like riding a fast carnival ride. Coble has woven a carefully plotted suspenseful story with characters who will stay with you long after you close the book. An added bonus? Expect a surprise appearance by Coble's most beloved characters! This book is a must read for any suspense reader! I give it my highest rating!

Now with out further delay, please welcome Colleen Coble to the FabFour blog. (I would say you could throw money… but it would just bounce back at you off your monitor.)

HDT: What's your favorite sarcastic line?

CC: Sarcasm? You must be confusing me with Kristin Billerbeck. It’s easy to see why—we look SO much alike with our svelte bodies and frizzy hair. Okay, maybe it’s just the frizzy hair. I’m more liable to mother you to death than to say anything sarcastic. I keep hoping Kristin and Diann will rub off on me, but so far it isn’t working.

HDT: If you had a choice between a wooly bear, a rapid dog, or a killer dolphin, which would you choose as a pet?

CC: A rapid dog? As in fast? LOL Oh you mean RABID. I had a baby skunk once but it wasn’t rabid. It sprayed the house when the vet told us it was too young to do that. My mom could have KILLED me. It took weeks to get the smell out of the house. Okay, that was more information than you wanted to know.

I think I’d take the wooly bear. Now if you said MAN-EATING bear, I might choose differently, but I’m not stupid. Wooly, rabid or killer. I picked out the least harmful of these words and picked.

HDT: Have you ever owned a Chia Pet? LOL! Just kidding. Ok, let's get serious. Do you use humor to diffuse tension in your stories and how do you do it?

CC: Hey I HAVE had a Chia Pet! It was a cow, I think. One of those original ones. Okay, you want to know my secret when I need humor to diffuse the tension? I’ll be typing along and when I get to a place that needs humor I type: DI, SOMETHING FUNNY HERE. Then when good ole crit partner, Diann Hunt, sees it, she helps me along! LOL Seriously. I’m not kidding even if you think I am! LOL Okay, I can come up with a few funny scenes but when I’m in writer mode, my mind runs to murder not to funny. LOL

HDT: In my experience, God has a huge sense of humor. Ironic, even. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this humor, care to share the tale with us?

CC: The funniest thing that’s ever happened to me WASN’T funny at the time! I was in the church bathroom. When I came out of the stall, I heard two teenage girls giggling as I walked to the door. I didn’t think anything about it. I’d just entered the sanctuary when a friend came FLYING in behind me and yanked by skirt out of the waistband of my pantyhose. I was MORTIFIED! She’d heard the girls giggling and asked them why. When they told her, she came running to the rescue. We later both scolded the girls! Women are supposed to stick together. They owed it to me to tell!

HDT: Tell us a little of what Alaska Twilight is about and what you hope your reader will take away from the story.

CC: Haley was hiding behind the lens of her camera, afraid to live life because of the past. She had a lot to overcome in her past—including the loss of a leg. But the past can STAY there if we make the choice to let it. We can’t determine the things God allows in our lives, but we CAN choose how to react. Haley has to learn that.

HDT: Colleen, thank you so much for coming to our blog. We appreciate it and everything you do for writers out there. Any last words?

CC: Such a fun interview, girls! Thanks for having me join your very fun blog! You’ve done the hardest part of this writing life—you’ve found like-minded friends to share the journey with. Congratulations!

Be sure to check out Colleen’s website for the latest information regarding her books, writing, and her speaking and touring engagements.


At 8:48 AM, April 15, 2006, Blogger Pammer said...

Wonderful interview! Alaska Twilight has moved up in my TBR pile until it is next. I cannot wait to dive in. She's an awesome author and person.

Great job, Heather!

At 3:39 PM, April 15, 2006, Blogger Dineen A. Miller said...

Cool interview, Heather! LOL! Poor Colleen what a story. I bet those girls learned a good lesson that day. Talk about God having a sense of humor though. Good question! :-)

At 12:48 AM, April 16, 2006, Blogger Camy Tang said...

Great interview! Colleen is as sweet and funny as always. She even made Heather seem nice.

Camy (ducking before Heather launches a shoe at her)

At 2:03 PM, April 21, 2006, Blogger ScrollSquirrel said...

What a fun interview ladies! Thank you!



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