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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Son of Perdition

by Louise M. Gouge
Book Three of Ahab's Legacy

The Civil War has ended but Timothy Ahab's battle for survival has just begun. Timothy is a handsome sea captain determined not to sail the disastrous course that destroyed his infamouse father, Captain Ahab. Certain of his own goodness compared to the man he both hates and admires, Timothy feels his good works are salvation enough. But after he is tragically wounded during a Civil War sea battle, his all-consuming rage at God launches him on a bitter journey all too reminiscent of the father he vowed not to be like. Will Timothy learn the lessons his father ignored? Will childhood sweetheart Jemima show him the account of his father's ill-fated voyage in time? Can Timothy accept that both he and his father have misunderstood the merciful, loving nature of God? Don't miss this stunning conclusion to the Ahab's Legacy Series: Ahab's Bride; Hannah Rose; Son of Perdition

Great book! With the first page you are drawn into the world of Hannah and Timothy. (I will attempt not to drop any spoilers.) Beautifully written and lovingly crafted, the story is dramatic, wrenching emotion (and several chuckles) along the way. You can feel the angst that young Timothy experiences, along with the rest of the characters (sweet Jemima being one of my favorites) as they are so real. The theme of our need for God runs throughout as well as addressing our belief that we can somehow earn our salvation (through pride and arrogance).
Accurate historical detail is woven through the story unobtrusively, proving that she knows her era as well. I would recommend this to anyone who loves women' s fiction, historical, romances or historical romances. This is definately worth the time to read.
I also highly recommend the other two books in the series even though each can stand on it's own, the richness and beauty of the story is increased by each one you read.


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